Structural Repairs

As well as providing traditional structural support, JW Cannon & Co Ltd has specialists in masonry reinforcement who can provide a stress free, undisruptive and cost effective method of masonry stabilisation. This includes crack stitching, lintel repairs, over-beaming, expansion joints, lateral restraints and remedial wall ties.

We are approved installers of Thor Helical Remedial, manufacturers of a unique range of stress free masonry re-enforcing products. We use 3 main products:

  • Heliforce beaming system – a means of restoring structural stability to buildings and structures where the masonry has failed and lost its load bearing capabilities.
  • Heliforce bars – allow sympathetic repair of a range of masonry defects including repair of failed brick arches, cracks to cavity and solid walls, lintel failure, creation of load bearing beams, reconnection of internal and external walls, restraint of bowing solid or cavity walls and creation of movement joints.
  • Remedial cavity wall tie systems – reinstate stability to existing walls.

JW Cannon ensures that a full structural survey is carried out to establish the correct method of repair and all stages of the work are explained and detailed before installation, with all repairs carried out by trained professional tradesmen.

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