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Buildings insurance covers the structure of your property (walls, windows, roof etc) as well as permanent fixtures and fittings (such as baths, toilets and fitted kitchens).  If something happens to your house or business, making an insurance claim can be a distressing time for customers and complex.

JW Cannon are an established insurance repair builder, with one point of contact for all trades and all building work. We work with insurance companies and comply with their requirements and procedures. All work is carried out by fully qualified tradesmen, who understand the importance of customer care.

Our aim is to take the stress and worry out of the restoration part of your claim and carry out repair work to your home or business as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We can arrange for a surveyor to visit you as soon as possible, assess the damage and quote the price for quality restoration work.

Some claims are simple, some are more complex, but here is a step by step guide of how a typical insurance repair claim will be handled by us.

Our claims process

1.      As soon as we receive instructions from your insurance company, we will contact you by telephone or in writing to arrange a mutually convenient date for our surveyor to visit you to assess the cause of damage to your property and the best method of repair.

2. Once the survey is completed, a report will be submitted to your insurance company, within 48 hours, to await their approval. (In simple claims where the damage is minimal and or a claim is under a certain amount of money it may be possible to proceed without approval from your insurance company).

3. Once approval is granted by your insurance company, we will write to you advising you on what you need to do next in order for the work to proceed and, enclose the following important documentation:

  • Written specification of work to be carried out
  • Mandate Form which must be signed and returned to us
  • Invoice – if there is an excess to be paid

4. As soon as we receive your signed mandate form and payment (if applicable), we will schedule the repair work into our diary and contact you to agree a week commencing date

5. The week before work is due to start, we will contact you again, to confirm the exact day the work will commence. If we need to change the start date we will notify you and new commencement dates will be mutually agreed.

6.  If you require new fixture or fittings, you will need to let us know your choice of brand, colour and style as soon as possible, and you can email us here. Delivery times may vary, depending on what you choose, so the earlier you let us know, the quicker your order will be processed.

7. We will keep you informed throughout the claims process and aim to complete the repair work as quickly as possible and to a professional standard.  We are here to answer any queries you might have and can be contacted during our normal office hours.

8. On completion of the work, we will send you a Customer Satisfaction form to complete.  All feedback is monitored by our senior management team at our monthly meetings and appropriate action taken if required.

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